3- Piece Postnatal Support Belly Band
  • Slim that Postnatal Belly Down without an Operation!

  • Speeds Up Uterus & Core Recovery

  • Free Shipping Worldwide!

  • 100% Money Back Guarantee

  • Why Do Customers Love Our Postnatal Belt?

Abdominal Slimming

Struggling to lose some of that baby weight? Or just have postnatal belly? Our brace helps reshape and realign your body back to how you love it!

Helps Posture

There's no questions that pregnancy can take a toll on your back. Our brace helps fix bad posture from your pregnancy and realigns your back to where it should be.

Stretchy & Comfortable Design

Our brace is designed to help aid the healing process after birth. This brace helps your body and its internal organs heal after pregnancy. 

Secure & Protected

Have an issue with our brace or just don't like it? Contact support for a full refund within 30 days.

  • Features & Benefits

Safe for C-Section!

So many new moms ask about C-Sections and if this belt will still work even for C-Section deliveries. The answer is, yes! Many of our customers had C-Section deliveries and used this belt to help aid healing afterwards!

Invisible Under Clothing

Nobody wants a big bulky belt to be showing right? Our belts are slim and elastic and made so that you can wear them under everyday clothing!

  • See What Our Customers Are Saying!

Katherine Matthing

"Remember Baby has become my favorite brand for baby products. This is the third item I’m buying from them and they haven’t failed me yet again.The belly band is super comfortable and the fact that it’s adjustable with the additional straps is super bonus.I have used a couple of different style bands after I gave a birth a couple of months ago. I’m mainly suffering from swelling and bloating so the ones I used previously didn’t suit me at all."

Stacy Stallman

"I had not used a postpartum belt until after my second child. She was about 4 months old and when one day I bent down to pick her up and felt a pop in my stomach. My abs had split (diastasis recti), a common postpartum occurrence. I looked for solutions and came across this and thought it was worth a shot. I like that there are 3 different bands that I can mix and match for varying levels of support. I like the middle one for workouts because it doesn’t show under shirts and gives support to strengthen my abs. It has been a few months now and I have noticed significant improvement. "

Christina Wallbeck

"This product has helped in giving me a bit of confidence after the birth of my baby as my tummy is still very high. It’s very supportive and I figure that I can continue to use it as a waist trainer!"

Frequently Asked Questions

I Had My Baby a Long Time Ago, Can I Still Wear This?

Absolutely! The great part about our belt is that no matter when you had your baby, the belt still acts as a waist trainer. The best part is, it comes in three pieces so that is can shift and shape to your exact figure.

I Had a C-Section, Can I Still Wear This?

Yes! In fact, our belts can actually be super beneficial to the healing process. We recommend that the incision areas are bandaged and you are wearing a t-shirt underneath our belt if you had a C-section. 

When Can I Start Wearing this?

We've had customers start wearing our belts as little as a few days after giving birth! 

How will I know if it fits?

Our Postnatal straps are quite stretchy so sizing usually isn't an issue. For more information on sizing you can scroll up to our sizing chart above.

Can I get this in stores?

Nope! The Remember Baby Support Strap is not sold in stores and can only be purchased here!

How long is delivery?

United States: 5-7 business days to process your order and ship.

International: Your shipping time will depend on your country.All orders have tracking information available!

How can I contact support?

Easy! Send us an email at and we will do our best to assist!